Recent Projects

1. Business Process Engineering

In many cases we find that the business stakeholders and managers are externally focused and working in silos. We offer the necessary internal focus to streamline processors to enable a smoother and more cost effective business.

2. Stock Management 

We have helped a number of businesses who are trying to track serial numbered stock items by using accounting packages. Accounting packages only offer half the solution, we add an array of features such as:

  • Bar coding
  • Easy searching
  • Easy location transferring
  • SLA management

3. Business Automation 

Business Automation Business automation is an art, get it right and you can save untold man hours and reduce turnaround times. Getting it wrong can have the opposite effect, implementing non-user-friendly screens and touch points will usually lead to staff rejecting the system. We take all of this into consideration before implementing integration points.

4. System Integration

From simpler business that follow the Quote, Production, Invoice model to more complex businesses that have numerous processors and applications, we can often assist by integrating your systems. Not all off the shelf applications offer integration points but to those who do, we can assist.

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